Turkish Copepoda Research Collection (TCRC)

Our collection represents a significant endeavor in the systematic cataloging and preservation of copepod samples. Each sample undergoes a meticulous process where its condition is thoroughly reviewed before being assigned a catalog number. This rigorous approach ensures the high standard and reliability of our collection.

We prioritize the cataloging of samples that are scheduled for publication. This focus allows researchers to access vital information in a timely manner, supporting the ongoing advancement of copepod research.

Currently, we are actively assigning catalog numbers to samples that have already been published. This ongoing process is crucial for maintaining an organized and accessible collection.

For those looking for detailed information about published samples that are not yet available in our catalog, we encourage you to use our contact form. Our team is dedicated to providing assistance and facilitating access to our comprehensive collection.

Your interest and participation in the Turkish Copepoda Research Collection are invaluable in enhancing our understanding and preservation of these fascinating creatures.